The Battle to Run Southampton’s New Super Casino Heats Up

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A battle is brewing in Southampton over the rights to operate the new super casino to be built as part of the Royal Pier development. Grosvenor, the UK’s biggest casino operator, will likely compete against Aspers for those rights. The bids are expected to start coming in on April 1 and may include bids from other concerns.

southampton super casino

Bidding Process

The bidding process will involve two stages. The first stage requires bids to be sent to the city council who will decide which bids meet the council’s criteria. In the second stage, those bids will undergo analysis to determine the strongest bid. The final announcement will be made by the council’s licensing committee in the fall.

Super Casinos in the UK

It is considered a major event in the UK when a new super casino is being proposed. The British government has only issued eight licenses for super casinos in the country with Southampton receiving one of them. They are currently two super casinos in operation located in Milton Keynes and London. It is noteworthy that Aspers runs both of those operations. Super casinos are allowed up to 150 slot machines and 30 gaming tables.

The Royal Pier Development

The proposed super casino is part of the 450 million pound facelift that RPW (Southampton) plans to give to the Royal Pier area. RPW is a joint venture between Morgan Sindall Investments Ltd and The Lucent Group. The plans call for a luxury hotel, park improvements and a new pier. At the heart of the plan is the new casino. The area is also scheduled to see new home building, restaurants, stores and entertainment facilities. The labour market will be getting a huge boost as the new development is expected to create approximately 7,000 jobs.

The contract to run this casino figures to have future ramifications as there are still five super casinos licenses to be initiated. Grosvenor currently owns 55 casinos within the country’s shores and plans to aggressively enter the super casino market.