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Pensioner Wins Big At Keno

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It was a heart-warming scene in a local pub at Dandenong, Australia, when pensioner Kenedi won nearly $3million while playing keno. Kenedi had to quit work 13 years ago due to a back injury and has been surviving on disability pension since 2001 and this win is phenomenal for him. Though Kenedi is a quiet […]

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Casino Mate Named Best Australian Online Casino

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Casino Mate Dubbed the Champion of Australian Online Gambling! Casino Jones, a character hosting a website dedicated to evaluating and exposing good casinos from bad ones has named Casino Mate the #1 online casino of 2013 in Australia! This honor was attributed to the free $500 prize to be given to the first 3 deposits […]

Casino Complex

Developers Look to Build Casino Complexes in Australia

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Although Australia is taking steps to repair its stagnant casino industry, the country’s government officials and casino regulators are concerned about Tony Fung’s latest casino plan. Fung, a Hong Kong-born casino magnate that lives in Canada, received a license in May of 2014 to construct a massive gambling complex near Cairns, Australia. Fung’s company, Aquis […]

Aussie Online Casino

Online gaming, Australia style

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Online casinos such as live baccarat online usa have become big business in the Land Down Under. Australian online gaming also has attracted worldwide attention. They feature a wide array of top rewards and first-time deposit bonuses while staging some of the world’s most iconic online casino games and other contests of skill and luck. Leading […]

From One Coast to Another

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On the heels of the retirement of the Chief Executive of the <a href=””>Echo Entertainment Group, a major struggle faces the Aussie casino as Crown Resorts Limited vies for ideal positioning for maximum gaming profits. Echo itself is in the best financial shape it has ever been in over the past few decades. However, this […]