Deposit Methods for Online Casino

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The new payment methods being fine-tuned for internet gamers and visitors to online casinos are attempting to thwart the frustration met by many trying to deposit funds into their casino account. The problem arises with the International banking laws, as well as some private institution’s terms and conditions, surrounding automatic transfers to fund what is considered as gambling sites. Many banks simply do not honor bank drafts or debit card payments to such creditors and will decline the transaction- even when the money is sitting in the account. For this reason, many popular and successful online casinos are looking at some diverse options to allow players to deposit funds as easily, quickly, and effortlessly as possible.


Some of the deposit methods available to gamers in regions including United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Australia include Net Teller and EcoCard. These basically equate to a wire transfer that will get funding into the player’s account quickly, provided they are able to give proof of identification or other verifiable documentation at time of deposit. There are generally fees associated with such options, but these will vary based on the casino and the amount of money being transferred.

Some players may choose to purchase international prepaid cards that work similarly to a credit card. These will not extend credit or draft money from a personal bank typically, but are a sure way to make a deposit without the hassle of wire transfer or fees associated with middle-men or third-party payee services. Such services can help those struggling with the often aggravating process of deposits and fees will be based around the amount of money being deposited.

Perhaps the difficulty that many prospective players have encountered during this routine has served as the impetus for some alluring incentives offered by some casinos. When players report issues, often the hosting casino will offer a reward or game credit for those that experience problems or that have had their legitimate deposit efforts thwarted or denied. Generally, this can be addressed via live chat with the game host as they will be able to look up the player’s account and see if the funds were, in fact, denied; often even without advertised promotions, some competitive and consumer-friendly sites will extend a credit for those visitors that are finding their deposits declined.

Typically casinos in these areas will easily and swiftly accept credit card deposits, such as Visa and Mastercard. When consumers encounter difficulty, it is prudent to immediately reach out to the casino host either by live chat or email.