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Casino Mate Named Best Australian Online Casino

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Casino Mate Dubbed the Champion of Australian Online Gambling!

Casino Jones, a character hosting a website dedicated to evaluating and exposing good casinos from bad ones has named Casino Mate the #1 online casino of 2013 in Australia! This honor was attributed to the free $500 prize to be given to the first 3 deposits at this casino, as well as the multitude of games to choose from; over 500 in total!

casino mateCasino Mate boasts a wide variety of games including Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Bacarat and Video Poker, not to mention their huge selection of online pokies. They also have a great Loyalty Program for those consistent members who find themselves coming back again and again. Players who are part of the Loyalty Program get to experience more of the rewards and the giveaways, adding more to the excitement of this online casino.

When playing for the first time, players are given a number of opening bonuses. You can play for 60 minutes straight and free with $3,000 to use, or you can use their 3-tier Deposit Bonus offer, where players are rewarded for the first 3 deposits of their playing time. Up to $500 is up for grabs! Casino Mate allows you to play for free if you’re just in it for the games, or to register and be able to wager and win real money.

Casino Jones has been in business for several years, testing, investigating and approving online casinos for viewers who are looking for a fair and quality place for gaming. Maxwell Jones, the pseudonym for the character heading up this investigative website, has created a list of approved and blacklisted casinos. When Casino Mate was proclaimed Australia’s #1 online casino, Casino Jones also took the time to name Canada’s #1 online gaming place, Maple Casino, as well as online roulette usa, which was Crazy Vegas.

Aussie Millions 2015

Aussie Millions Poker Event Scheduled—Make Plans Accordingly

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The Crown Casino in Melbourne announced the schedule for its major poker event, the Aussie Millions 2015. The poker championship will be held in the month of January and have 21 main events that will attract poker players of different calibres in Australia and around the world. The journey will come to an end on February 2, 2015.

The main event that gives away a grand prize of 1 million AUD will take place from January 25 through February 1. If you are as poker-savvy as the top players in the country, make your plans or adjust them to be at this awesome poker tournament that the Crown organizes each year.

Aussie Millions 2015

Join poker professionals in the biggest poker event in Oz

Aussie Millions poker event is one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. The tournament draws a number of professional poker players from all corners of the country. It is also one of the most popular poker events in which a number of famous poker players partake in. If you have always wanted to play with the top competition, this is your chance.

This year’s tournament will again include the popular Challenge events. During the month, poker lovers can participate in their choice of No limit Holdem events, pot limit Omaha games, 8-game mixed events and more.

Events you should consider for big wins include:

  • $1,150 No Limit Holdem Event
  • $2,500 8-Game Mixed Event
  • $2,500 H.O.R.S.E event
  • $1,150 No Limit Accumulator event
  • $1,650 No Limit Holdem Bounty event
  • $2,500 Pot-Limit Omaha
  • $2,500 No Limit Holdem Shot-Clock Six-Max
  • $1,500 No-Limit Holdem “Deep Freeze” event

The big event—a chance to win millions

The main event of the Aussie Millions, which offers a prize of one million Australian dollars, will take place over a period of 10 days. The buy-in to this event is AU$10,600 and the prize money exceeds AUD 1 million. The Challenge events offer cash prizes worth $25,000, 100,000 and $250,000.

Last year’s Aussie Millions winner Ami Barer surpassed more than 600 payers to take home $1.6 million. The $25,000 challenge was won by Max Altergott, while Yevgeniy Timoshenko won the $1 million event. Famous poker player Phil Ivey, known for his connection with Full Tilt, won the boutique 250,000 AUD prize, defeating more than 45 players.

Casino Complex

Developers Look to Build Casino Complexes in Australia

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Although Australia is taking steps to repair its stagnant casino industry, the country’s government officials and casino regulators are concerned about Tony Fung’s latest casino plan. Fung, a Hong Kong-born casino magnate that lives in Canada, received a license in May of 2014 to construct a massive gambling complex near Cairns, Australia.

Casino ComplexFung’s company, Aquis Reef Holdings, purchased the Reef Casino Trust for $204.7 million dollars this past February. Fung then received a license to build a multi-billion dollar gambling center just outside of Cairns. However, Mr. Fung and his company have not received official government approval for the project, which is believed to include over 7,000 rooms, several 5-star restaurants, a professionally-designed golf course, and a number of entertainment opportunities.

Mr Fung’s Cairns-based casino will have over 1,500 gambling games and 750 gaming tables. Reef Casino, the casino that Fung and his team will renovate as part of their project, only has 500 gaming machines and 38 tables.

Lack of Competition for Mr. Fung

A government-funded consumer commission is concerned that there is not enough competition for Tony Fung’s Aquis gambling center in the Cairns area. The commission’s spokesperson believes that this lack of competition might negatively affect residents and tourists.

The commission argues that Fung’s complex will lead to higher prices for local residents interested in gambling. This gambling watchdog group, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission believes that more casinos in Cairns would require Fung’s group to provide top-of-the-line services at affordable prices.

Australian Tourism and Gambling

The Australian government is collaborating with several casinos throughout Australia to promote gambling to Asian vacationers and businessmen. The government believes that pairing Australia’s natural wonders with gambling could be an effective way to boost the country’s struggling tourism division.

Echo Entertainment’s New Casino Complex

James Packer, an Australian businessman, recently made a bid to construct a casino complex in New South Wales. Much like Fong’s complex in Cairns, Packer believes that his casino project could produce huge benefits for both Asian tourists and residents of New South Wales. Packer says that his complex could create up to 1,200 jobs, boost tax revenue, and foster further economic growth in the community.

acker argues that his complex could act as an alternative to similar all-inclusive casinos in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Aussie Online Casino

Online gaming, Australia style

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Online casinos such as live baccarat online usa have become big business in the Land Down Under. Australian online gaming also has attracted worldwide attention. They feature a wide array of top rewards and first-time deposit bonuses while staging some of the world’s most iconic online casino games and other contests of skill and luck.

Aussie Online Casino

Leading Aussie online casinos feature a variety of player-friendly options and top-rate security encryption to keep players, and their wagers, safe. The leading online sites display the eCOGRA “safe and fair” approval seal assuring fair games complying with industry standards. Security comes courtesy of 128-bit SSL encryption. Banking is possible through debit and credit cards, checks, and even PayPal and special methods. Customer support is available 24/7 by toll-free phone, online email, real time online consultants and other methods.

Promotions at Australian online casinos include VIP perks, luxury add-ons including cruises, and special rewards. Free games, welcome bonuses, and 100 percent deposit matches are available. Special rewards programs and clubs add value to the many gaming opportunities.

Multi-hand and single-hand video poker and progressive slots, or pokies, are big-time fun. Blackjack, baccarat, and casino games are available for single player play or in large tournaments with equally large payouts.

Micro-gaming software now allows everybody to participate seamlessly in Australian online gaming. Mobile apps provide on-the-go opportunities and are the most rapidly growing segment of the online gaming field.

Many online Australian casino offer several tiers of interaction. A simple, easy-to-use public interface allows gamers to set up contests quickly and enjoy a wide option in games. Even better for online gamers, a quick and easy download provides full-option gaming excitement with proprietary games and large payouts for PCs and Macs.

Popular pokies include Dark Knight in which players are taken into the world of Batman with exciting bonus rounds set in Gotham. The classic pokie, Megah Moolah, features huge numbers of gamers and multi-million dollar payouts. Many pokies, or slots, have themes and story-lines. They feature exciting soundtracks and visuals.

southampton super casino

The Battle to Run Southampton’s New Super Casino Heats Up

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A battle is brewing in Southampton over the rights to operate the new super casino to be built as part of the Royal Pier development. Grosvenor, the UK’s biggest casino operator, will likely compete against Aspers for those rights. The bids are expected to start coming in on April 1 and may include bids from other concerns.

southampton super casino

Bidding Process

The bidding process will involve two stages. The first stage requires bids to be sent to the city council who will decide which bids meet the council’s criteria. In the second stage, those bids will undergo analysis to determine the strongest bid. The final announcement will be made by the council’s licensing committee in the fall.

Super Casinos in the UK

It is considered a major event in the UK when a new super casino is being proposed. The British government has only issued eight licenses for super casinos in the country with Southampton receiving one of them. They are currently two super casinos in operation located in Milton Keynes and London. It is noteworthy that Aspers runs both of those operations. Super casinos are allowed up to 150 slot machines and 30 gaming tables.

The Royal Pier Development

The proposed super casino is part of the 450 million pound facelift that RPW (Southampton) plans to give to the Royal Pier area. RPW is a joint venture between Morgan Sindall Investments Ltd and The Lucent Group. The plans call for a luxury hotel, park improvements and a new pier. At the heart of the plan is the new casino. The area is also scheduled to see new home building, restaurants, stores and entertainment facilities. The labour market will be getting a huge boost as the new development is expected to create approximately 7,000 jobs.

The contract to run this casino figures to have future ramifications as there are still five super casinos licenses to be initiated. Grosvenor currently owns 55 casinos within the country’s shores and plans to aggressively enter the super casino market.

From One Coast to Another

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An attendant walks between rows of slot machines inside the Resorts World Sentosa casino on Singapore's Sentosa Island

On the heels of the retirement of the Chief Executive of the <a

href=””>Echo Entertainment Group, a major struggle faces the Aussie casino as Crown Resorts Limited vies for ideal positioning for maximum gaming profits. Echo itself is in the best financial shape it has ever been in over the past few decades. However, this fact is not discouraging the efforts being made by Crown Resorts to move in on their territory while a shift of management occurs. Although, the tension has made the investors in Echo Entertainment nervous, sending their market shares to a record low. The 34 percent reduction to the net worth of the company does not necessarily spell out good news as their rival, Crown Resorts, reports a 52 percent gain in revenue over the past year.

The Game Heats Up

The two gaming entities are in competition for gaming licenses on the Eastern coast of Australia. There is big money up for grabs in this region. Australia is in the midst of pursuing considerable portions of the booming Asian gaming market. This market has been estimated to be worth roughly $34 billion. Echo will be placing Matt Bekier in the empty position of leadership. This promotion is an internal one. Bekier has been with the organization since it first came into existence based on the efforts of Tabcorp Holding Limited in 2011.

Posturing and Success

The entire situation came as a surprise to the Australian gaming market at large. It does not seem to be a good sign for investors; however, the company itself seems to have no major concerns about its own future. According to statements that they have released publicly, underlying net profits rose by 1.3 percent in a period of six months, roughly translating to $71.5 million. These figures exceed the forecasts for future profits laid out by the company. Echo does have an extremely good position already when it comes to taking a slice of the Asian gaming market that is expanding towards Australia. Among its shareholders are Genting Bhd, Southeast Asia’s largest gaming group to date.

Discovering Riches From the Past

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From time to time, it seems that certain games become hot and extremely lucky. They roll out big payoffs to players who are lucky enough to know when to strike. In the Australian online gaming market, one game has recently added another name to the list of people who it has made a tremendous winner. Many residents in the area are referring to the game making all the payouts as the luckiest progressive-slot operation in all of the games being presented by All Slots Casino. The Treasure Nile has made one Perth resident richer by over $220,000. Prior to this win, another lucky player was awarded over $45,500 by The Treasure Nile.

Searching the Nile

Each of these players were engaged in gaming while using a mobile device, allowing players the chance to strike it rich no matter what their location. These wins are evidence that mobile gaming is quickly on the rise all across Australia. The Treasure Nile was already a vastly popular game with Aussie players prior to these big payouts as well. This video slot presents players with progressive jackpots on a five-reel, nine-payline format. The game centers around an Ancient Egyptian theme, utilizing luscious graphics around every turn in the game play.

More Than Enticing

Players will be engaged with pyramids, scarabs, and many other exotic features from this area of the globe and this era of history. The images are vivid and rich in detail as well. The jackpot that has caused all the recent excitement is put on the table when the ninth pay line displays all pharaoh symbols. In addition to the mobile platform, The Treasure Nile functions flawlessly on PC hardware as well. Players can choose between instant online play, and download platforms.

A Winner in Play

All Slots Casino has a long history of success in this country as well. They have brought an entire host of casino games to the land down under, enticing players with exclusive offers and extensive bonuses to boot. They rely on power from Microgaming, allowing them to present games that work with every mobile device that enjoys success on today’s digital market.

UK Player Wins Over £18k With All Slots Casino in a Week

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Since All Slots Casino opened the doors for its Bring Vegas Home promotion back Texas-Holdem-pokerin early November, there have been even more winners getting big cash prizes.

Just recently, Derren P. won a grand total of four times in the last week, earning prizes that rewarded him with £18,480.30. Of these four wins, three of them were from the Break da Bank Again mobile slot favorite, a game that has gained in popularity due to its consistent large pay outs for its members.

Break da Bank Again is among several different games that are available on the popular mobile casino by All Slots Casino. Currently, this mobile casino is the top ranked in the UK App Store as All Slots provides its mobile gamblers with table games and over 35 slots, all of which can be played on nearly any tablet and mobile devices.

Gary K. is another player who was able to win big, earning £6,036 by playing the game Dr. Watts Up. These two certainly are not the only ones who have won big lately, especially with more than 450 online table games and slots available, not to mention new prizes available every minute.

In addition, this weekend will see a new version of the television advertisement by All Slots Casino, which features its winners and the different prizes that can be watched. This can be viewed on the television or right off YouTube.

The promotion from November is still running strong as All Slots aims to bring more Vegas glamour to those sitting at home. In addition, the casino offers new UK players a free play bonus of £33, and no deposit is required for this. There are no restrictions as far the technology is concerned; whether playing on a desktop, a tablet or a mobile device, it is easy to claim the no deposit bonus and start enjoying the game right away.

All Slots Casino has been dedicated to fair and responsible gaming since it opened in 2001, offering a generous bonus program thanks to the Microgaming platform. It is possible to play instantly through the browser or in a download format, as well as the mobile platform that is compatible with most devices.

A Holiday Gaming Treat

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Winter is a time when people splurge in all kinds of ways. From gifts to holiday poker chips 2foods, a little bit of excess at a time of year when the weather cools down can be a real comfort. Casinos and gaming networks are following suit, offering players around the globe a chance to take home a little more this holiday season. Bingo Hall is one of the leading sites in the world that offers players a chance to take home a little extra cash after a game filled with surprises and excitement. This fun and safe online environment distributes their winnings wide, making the holidays a great time to get in on all of the action.

Holiday Gifts and More

One of the latest unique opportunities for play being offered by Bingo Hall can be found in the Jackpot Avalanche room. Here, players have the opportunity to get their hands on a jackpot that starts out at $10,000. Even if you cannot put your hands on a major prize when you log on, you can still play Coverall games that have pots starting at $200. The odds are much better in these smaller rooms while the excitement is still red hot. Putting your odds of winning even higher can be as simple as also enrolling in the Bingo Blizzard Tournament. In this competition, you have the chance to take home an exquisite 10k White Gold Pendant for the holidays.

Joy Will Find You

It is not just bingo that has players flocking to Bingo Hall, however. They also have many different ways to enjoy slots. The Black Diamond Slots and the Slots Gemstones Tournament present players with a first-place prize of $3,5000. These tournaments are happening simultaneously, allowing for double the action when it comes to game play. The holiday joy can also find you when you sign up for the Christmas Carols Tournament, offering everyone a shot at $2,500 in cash prizes. Merry Bells also helps to ring in the holidays for players, and Bingo Hall celebrates the New Year with players by presenting Bingo Resolutions Tournament. Cash, jewelry, and more awaits winners in this exciting New Year event.

gambling history

Famous People in Gambling

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Gambling: A Brief History

Though games of chance been around all throughout history, from ancient Chinese keno to Wild West gambling aficionados Bat Masterson and Doc Holliday, many of the games we know today wouldn’t be what they are without a little modern innovation. Certainly, technology plays a big role in making sure that casinos are able to protect their investments, that patrons are playing fairly, but there are inventions which we may not even think about, which have gone a long way into making modern gaming what it is today.

The Most Profitable

This may or may not come as a surprise, but the biggest scoring game of chance in recent history is the slot machine, which was invented in the United States in 1887 by Charles Fey. There had been lots of similar little coin machines displayed prominently for use in storefronts, not unlike candy machines in supermarkets today, but Fey’s machine was the first to pay out in coins. Because the machine had different symbols on it, like a modern slot machine, and the payout came from lining up three bells, it became known colloquially as a bell machine.

At the time, the machine impressed saloon owners and restaurateurs alike, and garnered so much attention that it featured in the San Francisco chronicle, which stated that everyone present at the machine’s grand showing speculated that it was sure to be a huge success. They certainly weren’t wrong, as the slot machine has gone on to be a staple in casinos across the globe, and they still remain the most profitable and the most popular, due in part to how easy these machines are to understand and get started playing.

gambling history

The King’s Uncomfortable Shoes

Card counting and other skilled cheating methods are always something casinos have to work to combat. In 2000, Shuffle Master (a company now known as SHFL Entertainment) released the first Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM), known as The King. This was designed to be used in Blackjack, to eliminate the human element from card shuffling, which in turn would serve to disable card counters.

Unfortunately, for honest players, a CSM adds no benefit to the game, and because it eliminates card counting of any kind, it also makes things more difficult for basic strategy players. For this reason, it has been dubbed “the uncomfortable shoes”, but despite the negative moniker, CSMs have not been proven to give the house an advantage over the average player. Perhaps the lack of the human element has made an otherwise personal game seem far more impersonal. Regardless, it allows casinos to keep things fair without hindering the game in a meaningful way.

Because gambling generally involves such high degrees of luck, it’s no wonder that things have been forced to evolve over time to combat an ever-changing world. We’ve come a long way from simple dice games, but the next time you visit the casino, take a moment to appreciate the inventions you might not have given much thought to before.