Pensioner Wins Big At Keno

Sydney’s Barangaroo Casino Unveils $1.5 B High Roller Venue
Australian Casino Moguls Impacted By Sri Lanka’s Casino Ban
Aussie Nets $50,000 at All Slots Mobile Casino

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Pensioner Wins Big At Keno
Posted December 18th, 2017 by Patrick & filed under Gambling in Australia.

It was a heart-warming scene in a local pub at Dandenong, Australia, when pensioner Kenedi won nearly $3million while playing keno. Kenedi had to quit work 13 years ago due to a back injury and has been surviving on disability pension since 2001 and this win is phenomenal for him. Though Kenedi is a quiet and unassuming man by nature wanting to keep this windfall a quite affair, he celebrated the win with his friends at his club with champagne. Professionals play online games and make money.

A migrant from Macedonia, Kenedi has been a regular at the pub and tried his luck at Jim Dandy Hotel by making an outlay of $50 on Keno fifty $110-number which won him a princely sum of $2,779,562.

About the winner
Kenedi has been playing online keno as a hobby since it was relaunched in Victoria in 2012. He will spend the prize amount on a house and car for his son and donate the remaining amount for cancer charity. The keno winner was announced by Marc Mifsud the manager of manager of Jim Dandy and locals at the bar gathered around to wish him when Kenedi announced drinks for all patrons. This momentous win has put the Jim Dandy hotel on national map of Keno history.
Details of the keno game

Kenedi is the first jackpot winner of keno in a casino after it was introduced in Victoria in 2012. Sales manager for Keno David Dicker also congratulated him and declared the game is designed to bring assistance and joy to deserving people like Kenedi.

The winner of the big amount is, meanwhile, trying to maintain his elation and joy by carrying on his work as usual and is busy assuring friends and family that the win will not change him as a person. The lucky numbers which helped Kenedi win the jackpot and become Dandenong’s first Keno millionaire were 8, 17, 24, 30, 37, 38, 66, 68, 71 and 78.

About Keno
Keno with a Difference
The casinos in Las Vegas have their own norms when it comes to awarding keno winners to increase popularity and betting levels. While California casino provides $16000 for 7-7 and $14000 for 80 cent games, Freemont pays exactly the same rate for its pop 80 cent games.

Other casinos like Golden Nugget, Deano Rate, El Cortez, D and MegaKeno are following suit and making attractive 7 spot and 8 spot payouts. With falling revenues and lacklustre spending by regular customers, casinos are offering attractive prizes and comfortable chairs to customers playing special rate games.

Big wins
Customers keen on trying out their luck can use tickets to play 3 of 7 or 5 for 7 which can help them win high end payouts of $10000 if they land a solid 7. Players of keno in a casino like the El Cortez can try 2-3-3-3 and play at Mega 10 with possibility of payouts in the range of $ 1 Million. The game here follows a similar technique which was showcased in “Every which way but loose” where the mafia boss was always betting with six zeroes after 1. Players who regard the keno favourite among all gambling games can play 10-spot with a ticket cost of only $5.10.

The Megakeno experience
Regular players of MegaKeno who want to increase their chances at the jackpot have to play either 4-7 or 5-9 spots on a ticket of $3.50 or $1.50 which will make them eligible for progressive jackpot of Keno. Combination ticket allows players to explore different rates during keno game as long as it is marked with varied desired rates to enable payout after a win. The best places to play MegaKeno and Mega10 at Last Vegas are El Cortez and Excalibur casinos.

Players, who prefer playing small stakes and try their luck at multiple games to increase their chances at winning, can play for 7 spots with a 40 or 50 cent rate with ticket of $ 5.10 or $ 5.50— whichever is preferable. At Excalibur, keno players can play 21 games with a ticket of $ 8.40 which can be extended over a year.

Online Casinos or Traditional Physical Casinos – Your Pick
Posted April 29th, 2015 by Gino & filed under Casino Games.

Thrill seekers around the world have their own reasons to brace traditional casinos, but contrary to public belief, playing at online casinos can give you so much more. Advancements in gaming technologies have made the word stronger for the online casino fans as it now rivals traditional physical casinos in every way possible. But the reasons why some people prefer traditional casinos cannot be ignored too. The random number generators used for online games to determine the outcomes are not as transparent to the players as face-to-face gaming. As the battle for casino domination continues, here are a few things you must know about casinos – both online and traditional land-based ones.


Why online casinos?

Online casinos are driven by the notion of in-home entertainment needs. This is the reason why Governments in several countries are looking to amend some of their rules to legalize this version of casino gaming. As the global internet population grows, there’s no reason for people who like traditional casinos to not try online casinos. Compared to traditional physical casinos, online casinos have many advantages:

Multilingual support.
Multiple currency acceptance.
No dress code.
Privacy and safety.
Less exposure to distractions.
Better payouts.
Availability – Any time, anywhere.
Why traditional physical casinos?

One of the most obvious difference between an online casino and traditional casino is that you get to interact with real people. In a traditional casino, you feel adventure and excitement in the vicinity and no feeling can match the exhilaration of a hot craps table. There are a few unique advantages that only a traditional physical casino can offer :

No need for internet connectivity or computer/mobile device.
The fun of real and live casino gaming with strangers and friends alike.
You can order eatables and drinks, or even alcohol in a land based casinos.
No online security threats.
Online or face-to-face? In a land based casino with your friends or at your home sipping your favourite coffee? Though it is a matter of choice and belief, casino games are there for you, whichever way you like it!

Barangaroo Casino
Sydney’s Barangaroo Casino Unveils $1.5 B High Roller Venue
Posted March 18th, 2015 by Gino & filed under Land Based Casinos.

The highly anticipated Barangaroo casino is slowly completing its conceptual plans, which are being released to common public. To entice high rollers the casino will have a separate venue, which will be built like a tower hotel over the Sydney harbour for a bird’s eye view of the area which will cost around $1.5 billion. The eighth concept plan of the casino, which was revealed earlier this month, includes a glass tower along with an exclusive VIP section and hotel. Planners are hoping it will be approved this time after all the efforts they have made to improve on design and structure for the eighth time. If this particular design structure is approved the Sydney Barangaroo Casino will be the second highest structure in the city.

Previous casino designs

Barangaroo CasinoThe present design given for approval is far more sophisticated and artistic than the previous designs presented to state government for approval. First of the designs if approved would have become an eyesore as it looking like a seaside hotel jutting out into the harbour. According to the designers there are so many interested parties involved in this project that it is difficult to satisfy all of them. When the proposal was first made about building a casino in the harbour area by James Packer of Crown Casino there were protests that it would destroy the ecology of the fragile Barangaroo region, which was earlier used for fishing and shipping activities.

Concept of Crown Sydney

The pet project comprises of a six star casino and a high roller casino with hotel rooms spread across 75 floors. When Crown Sydney opens in 2019, it will be the second legal casino in Sydney with membership restriction for VIP’s and high rollers only. The budget put before Premier O’Farrell, states that this combination of casino, restaurant and hotel at Barangaroo Central will have an outlay of AD $1 Billion to attract tourists to the area.

Casino Au
Australian Casino Moguls Impacted By Sri Lanka’s Casino Ban
Posted February 11th, 2015 by Gino & filed under Land Based Casinos.

Casino AuWhen Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister decided that he was going to withdraw previously approved bills that made way for three mega casinos in his country, the official affected far more than the residents within his own boarders. As concerns over various immoral and illegal activities that take place within casino walls rose in Sri Lanka, the government leader claims to have been forced to take drastic action. By overturning a previous green-light for casino companies to build resorts and facilities in his nation, he pulled the rug out from under three separate colossal contracts.

One of the companies previously contracted to build in Sri Lanka was the Australian gaming giant, Crown Resorts. Crown Resorts produces some of the most heavily visited casino resorts and hotels, and is valued at over $6 billion (AUS). Its plans to build in Sri Lanka would have expanded their international brand to a region where gambling is a highly sought after pastime and their resort would have likely done very well. The contracted $400 million resort plan, however, had to be dropped with the new legislation.

While officials are working to negotiate with Ranil Wickremesinghe’s tax concessions and legal maneuvers, it does not appear that the leader is willing to change his stance. Arguments over the potential tourism that these casinos would have brought to his country are being made by all three of the groups aiming to build in the territory. However opposition from Buddhist groups based on moral values rather than financial resources appear to be heavily swaying the country’s government toward maintaining the ban.

With such a large decision and the unexpected turn of events the executives at Crown Resorts are in the midst of deciding what their next move will be in expanding their brand and business.

All Slots Casino
Aussie Nets $50,000 at All Slots Mobile Casino
Posted January 28th, 2015 by Gino & filed under Online Casinos.

A middle aged man from Australia, Franc, decided to sign up to an online casino account in December. He just wanted to have a bit of fun, with playing games on his mobile phone the main motivation. After looking around at casino reviews, he chose All Slots because of their game selection and reliability.

All Slots CasinoLittle did Franc realize that the $50 he added to his All Slots account would end up winning him more than $50,000. It was the progressive slots game Cash Splash that got him the massive win, with Franc getting lucky during the five reel mobile game.

It was a regular evening for Franc as he sat on his couch and played mobile slots games with the TV on in the background. He was almost going through the motions and placing bets when he suddenly realized that his account balance was $50,000. At first he thought it was a joke. Perhaps he was experiencing a technical error in the game? “I was about to have a heart attack,” he exclaimed. “It came as a complete shock to me.”

It took Franc a few minutes to realize that he had really won the money. He closed and opened the game a few times to re-check his account balance, and he also went on his computer to confirm the figure. When he kept seeing $50,000 on the screen, he realized that he had won a progressive jackpot.

The Vice President of All Slots was very happy with Franc’s win. “It is great when one of our players gets to win a jackpot. No one can replicate the feeling of elation Franc experienced, but everyone at All Slots is delighted for him,” said Mr. Brickman.

Cash Splash has always been a popular game at All Slots Casino. There are five reel and three reel versions, with both tied to progressive jackpots.

YouTube Ban on Gambling Channels Evokes Anger
Posted December 17th, 2014 by Gino & filed under Gambling News.

Google’s video sharing platform, YouTube was lately acting like a moral police by removing videos and channels that it perceived to be unsuitable to certain sections of viewers. The channels that were earlier removed were those that had contents of hate speeches or copyright infringements. While these moves may be justified, it’s recent move to ban all channels owned by online casinos make little sense, especially in countries where betting and gambling are legal and controlled by the government.

Vanishing channels

youtubeA number of major casinos have reported that the channels that they have been subscribed to on YouTube have suddenly vanished. They were not given any warning before the removal of the channels by Google officials and when contacted they were told that the channels were removed due to ‘multiple or severe violation’ of Google’s terms and conditions. If you are wondering how some channels that were legal so far suddenly became subjects to term violations, some online forums have the answer. The forums report that Google has made some silent changes to its Terms and Conditions recently, which now categorizes any video with contents about gambling as illegal.

Brewing outrage

The act has resulted in outbreak of anger from the gambling world. The removal of popular channels including Gamingslots and Slotjunkies citing the revised set of rules are said to be made without any consultation with any YouTube members.

The irony is that a majority of the channels did not deal with the promotion of online gambling, rather were more concerned with educating gamblers about various methods of game play, which would help them play better. Some of the videos were entirely devoted to helping players distinguish between legit online casino sites and the fraudulent ones. So YouTube’s decision to ban all channels that posted videos relating to gambling has gone off the cliff.

Though the move was in view to protect YouTube users in countries where gambling is not advertised, the worldwide ban is unreasonable to citizens of countries where betting is legal. With this, the online casino world just might find an alternate refuge and transfer files to video-sharing website Vimeo.

Crown Melbourne Casino
Australian Parliament Finds Agreement with Crown Melbourne
Posted November 12th, 2014 by Gino & filed under Gambling in Australia.

The Crown Melbourne Casino has been given a huge bit of funding from the Australian government. This move comes in a bid to placate the casino, with friction between the government and Crown Melbourne over gambling regulations. A $200 million compensation package has been developed and will pass through parliament before the end of the month.

Crown Melbourne CasinoPeople in government claimed that this was an extraordinary and unprecedented move, with casinos rarely getting aid packages from the government. In fact, casinos are meant to provide huge financial wealth to their state governments through taxes.

The idea behind this compensation package is to encourage casinos from taking further steps to prevent gambling addicts frequenting their establishments. Since a lot of the money made by casinos comes from addicted gamblers, these compensation packages may go along way towards softening their losses.

Compensation –

The deal states that the taxpayers will provide $200 million over a set period whenever the Crown casino runs into problems. These problems must be losses related to stricter bans on gambling addicts from casinos.

The Crown will return this favor by providing substantial payments to the government over the next ten years. They are expected to provide close to a billion in taxes, with the first payment due in November.

Unprecedented –

There are some people who are worried about the nature of this deal. While the compensation deal satisfies Crown Casino for now, what is going to happen in the future? If future governments want to add stricter gambling laws, or a ban of smoking in certain casino areas, how will casinos react to this? Will they accept the changes or demand more money through compensation packages? This parliamentary deal sets a dangerous precedent.

The compensation package has been compared to the types of deals that tobacco companies tried to strike when bans on certain types of advertising were put in place.

Casino Australia
Echo Entertainment Group or Crown Casinos: Which to Invest In?
Posted October 15th, 2014 by Gino & filed under Gambling in Australia.

The two largest casinos in Australia, Echo Entertainment and Crown Casinos, are not sailing in the same metaphorical boat anymore, with one operator amassing great revenues while the other is starting to see a significant plunge in income.

In the earlier days, Crown was going from success to success, offering much loved games like roulette, poker, and blackjack. In Macau, the operator had its City of Dreams, a high performing casino. Plus, it spoke to the NSW government to build a new casino in Sydney. Additionally, Crown began the tender to build an integrated resort at Brisbane. Echo Entertainment, on the other hand, seemingly headed in the opposite direction. Having the Brisbane and Sydney markets exclusive to itself wasn’t enough for Echo to move ahead of Crown. Further, there was a steady dip in Echo’s stock in 2013, to $2.50 per share from $4.25.

Casino Australia

The current situation

The tables seem to have turned now, though. Crown Resorts is seeing very sluggish growth in its arena now, especially since the revenue from Macau is seeing a dip form the trackdowns of the Chinese Government. The market of Crown, which is trading down, was getting destroyed by players who were winning a lot.

Echo, in the last six months alone, has seen a massive gain of 34 percent in its shares. Its games like roulette and slots are seeing a high number of players. Its stock prices have risen back to $3.80 from $2.50. The financial year 2014 has seen a net profit of about 27 percent, and the EBITDA estimates are showing that there will be a similar streak of strong growth in revenues for Echo Entertainment.

Which is a better investment?

While the current situation is favourable for Echo, it should be remembered that there are ups and downs in any business and market. Recent changes, that too the ones that occurred over a short period of time should not have a huge impact on investments, experts say.

australia online gambling
Australia Gearing Up to Enter the Online Gambling Community in 2015
Posted September 3rd, 2014 by Gino & filed under Gambling in Australia.

Sometimes you just want to play your favorite casino game for fun. Maybe you want to brush up on your gambling skills or you simply love the idea of being able to play without all the risks. Well, whatever your gambling fancy might be, you’ll take pleasure in learning that a London technology supplier known as GameAccount Network is now going to partner up with several Australian community gaming venues to launch simulated casino games that are free to play!

Great Alternative to Unlicensed Sites

australia online gamblingExpected to launch at the beginning of 2015, at which time gamers will learn more about the various venues from which this is being offered. Casino executives are hoping that gamers will be interested in this alternative simulated gaming option as opposed to the unlicensed real money gambling sites. The platform is said to be offered across various platforms including desktop and mobile versions for your gaming convenience.

Increase Visitation to Land Based Venues

The hopes of major Australian gambling venues are that the simulated gaming option will increase popularity amongst actual land based casinos. As statistics have proven in the US market, simulated casino options have increased the interest of younger patrons which in turn increases the trips that individuals will take to actual casinos. With casinos and gaming clubs in Australia generating average annual revenue of AUD$3bn, it is estimated that the new online gaming options will increase revenue to about $300m per year.

Upgrades May Also Become Available

As legislation and regulations continue to be approved for the new partnership, GameAccount Network is hoping to also offer upgrades for interested gamblers. After playing free options for a while, online users are able to upgrade to a real money gambling platform. This will open the door for opportunities to earn cash prizes of all sizes.

This roup of gaming clubs stands to bring online gaming platforms to Australian patrons both old and new. As regulations and legislations continue to be under review it is only a matter of time before gamblers can enjoy their favorite slots and table games no matter where they are.

Casino Australia
Special Privileges for Chinese High Rollers in Australia
Posted August 8th, 2014 by Gino & filed under Gambling in Australia.

The Chinese are ruling the roost, and it is no different when it comes to Australian casinos. The players from China who come to enjoy the casino experience in Australia are often high-rollers and provide the casinos with the majority of their income. For this reason alone, Australian casinos are going out of their way to bring more Chinese gamers to experience the casinos in the country and also retain existing players.

The facts

Australia not only has a significant Chinese immigrant population, but also Chinese tourists, the number of which increases every year. A large portion of these residents as well as tourists enjoy the casinos in Australia, but the fact remains that the Chinese already have access to the Macau’s casino experience—considered to be one of the best in the world—and attracts tourists from all over the world. Plus, Macau is not a neighbouring place to Australia either. So, it is important for casinos to retain and attract Chinese tourists to Australia’s casino who have the money to spend in the casinos.

The incentives

Casino AustraliaA major part of the plan to bring in more Chinese high-rollers to Australian casinos involves providing the gamers with an experience that makes them feel special. To this end, Australian casinos have invested heavily on buying private jets so that they can fly in and out existing and potential Chinese gamers.

However, it seems that free rides alone are not enough to keep Chinese players interested in Australian casinos. After all, they now have access to world class casinos in their backyard and there are other attractive casinos all over the world.

Casinos in Australia have one advantage over other locations as Chinese investors come to Australia to explore business opportunities and end up staying for many days. These investors are presented with attractive offers to have them experience casino games in Australia. Free travels and free hotel rooms are some of the incentives. Major casinos with big investment potential are also investing in creating golf courses to give the Chinese more reasons to come to Australia.