Special Privileges for Chinese High Rollers in Australia

The Chinese are ruling the roost, and it is no different when it comes to Australian casinos. The players from China who come to enjoy the casino experience in Australia are often high-rollers and provide the casinos with the majority of their income. For this reason alone, Australian casinos are going out of their way to bring more Chinese gamers to experience the casinos in the country and also retain existing players.

The facts

Australia not only has a significant Chinese immigrant population, but also Chinese tourists, the number of which increases every year. A large portion of these residents as well as tourists enjoy the casinos in Australia, but the fact remains that the Chinese already have access to the Macau’s casino experience—considered to be one of the best in the world—and attracts tourists from all over the world. Plus, Macau is not a neighbouring place to Australia either. So, it is important for casinos to retain and attract Chinese tourists to Australia’s casino who have the money to spend in the casinos.

The incentives


A major part of the plan to bring in more Chinese high-rollers to Australian casinos involves providing the gamers with an experience that makes them feel special. To this end, Australian casinos have invested heavily on buying private jets so that they can fly in and out existing and potential Chinese gamers.

However, it seems that free rides alone are not enough to keep Chinese players interested in Australian casinos. After all, they now have access to world class casinos in their backyard and there are other attractive casinos all over the world.

Casinos in Australia have one advantage over other locations as Chinese investors come to Australia to explore business opportunities and end up staying for many days. These investors are presented with attractive offers to have them experience casino games in Australia. Free travels and free hotel rooms are some of the incentives. Major casinos with big investment potential are also investing in creating golf courses to give the Chinese more reasons to come to Australia.

Special Privileges for Chinese High Rollers in Australia
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